Don’t Use Catch-All Addresses, Advice to Businesses

I’ve been reminded recently that sometimes what seems like a great idea, can totally backfire.  You may have experienced something similar.

My Great Idea was to use different email addresses for everything I sign up for, whether online or off.  …

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Something is Happening (not that it’s obvious)

Yes, this is going to be one of those posts which happen from time to time on blogs that aren’t updated in a while.

But… It will not make a feeble attempt to explain away the reasons, or apologize.

Quite …

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Resistance is Fruitful

Background: The Borg (see Star Trek Next Generation, and others) are known for their warning “Resistance is Futile”. Yet in nearly every TV episode, the good-guys, known as the Federation, resist and come out ahead.

There’s a general direction in …

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Your Mental Nooks and Crannies Hold the Keys to Success

Even though I have a list of things to write about (even if that’s no obvious from my recent lack of activity), I was struck by a thought this afternoon. A simple thought, but one which bares repeating, and study.…

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“six-pack” follow up – dang if it doesn’t work like it should!

In my relatively recent article “Have you been six-packed by your thinking” I talked about how your self talk could be hurting your chances of success–and even attract more of what you don’t want.

It seems simple. It seems obvious. …

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