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internetbusinessopportunities.pngI’ve been doing a lot of things in the background, and not writing here as much as I should. My list of topics, and thoughts is growing exponentially–so stay tuned.

In the meantime (and thereafter), you owe it to yourself …

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Multitasking Makes You Slow and Stupid…

I’m fairly certain that you are actually smarter than you act. Sadly, you may be acting stupid, and I’m often in the same boat as you. Without proper focus, you’re doing stupid things. This is not to say that

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Weasels and False Promises

Can you believe the b.s. that many marketers shovel in their sales letters these days? If you are on a few lists, and have seen a “launch”, you’ll recognize the signs:

False scarcity.. Limited quantities. “next” 100 to order. Price …

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What’s on your menu? Worms or Chocolate?

Worm PictureBelieve it or not, most of the menus I see are full of “worms”. Truth be told, I actually like it that way.

Let me explain…

No, I don’t actually like the worms. And that’s the point! But, the …

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