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Following the Crowd Can Lead to Wrong Decisions

Have you ever been faced with a choice between what you suspect to be correct, and what everyone else is doing? We’re faced with this more often than we realize it.

Here’s a silly, easy example. When you go to …

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Information is NOT the problem!

I’ve recently been reminded of how much information I’ve collected…

  • Lots of Guru Information Marketing and Internet Business products from the past 3 years…
  • Easily over 1000 books on business, marketing, personal development, and even the Flying Spagetti Monster!
  • Hundreds
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Right Action Manifests Online Success

It’s time to get serious.

Was I not serious before? Yes, however my earlier posts were only useful as an introduction to what lurks in my mind. At the time, they might not have been all that useful.

I’ve been …

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