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Site Separation Has Begun

It's been super quiet here for over a year.

Truthfully, this may or may not change.

What has changed is that I've started to post again over on my soon-to-be primary Business, Self Development, Web/Tech Design site mindcue.comThe flavor of posts will probably be the same, but I'll be adding more tech/web/computer things into the mix.

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You Can’t KNOW Until You Actually DO

Lot’s has happened these past few months.  I’m going to share just one thing tonight.

Surprisingly, what I share below did not come with any kicking and screaming!

I’ve re-learned a very important lesson, that seeing/understanding something is not the …

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Tim Ferriss’s Lawyer Post, Think of the Trees!

As if my head wasn’t full enough already!

For reference check out this post:

I was going to just laugh this post off.  But, it’s actually only one of about 100 posts in my RSS feeds today the caught …

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Something is Happening (not that it’s obvious)

Yes, this is going to be one of those posts which happen from time to time on blogs that aren’t updated in a while.

But… It will not make a feeble attempt to explain away the reasons, or apologize.

Quite …

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Resistance is Fruitful

Background: The Borg (see Star Trek Next Generation, and others) are known for their warning “Resistance is Futile”. Yet in nearly every TV episode, the good-guys, known as the Federation, resist and come out ahead.

There’s a general direction in …

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