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Asking for the [Next] Sale

If you’ve been involved in, or studied “sales” at all, you are aware that much of the work comes in actually asking for the sale. If you skip this step, no sale is likely to be made, and no-one wins.…

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You Can’t KNOW Until You Actually DO

Lot’s has happened these past few months.  I’m going to share just one thing tonight.

Surprisingly, what I share below did not come with any kicking and screaming!

I’ve re-learned a very important lesson, that seeing/understanding something is not the …

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Do You REALLY Want to be Found Online?

Maybe you’re like me…

Thinking you want your site to be found online, but not doing nearly enough to make sure it happens.

You figure…

  • I’ll get to it…
  • I’ll take care of it when I get my product or
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Tim Ferriss’s Lawyer Post, Think of the Trees!

As if my head wasn’t full enough already!

For reference check out this post:

I was going to just laugh this post off.  But, it’s actually only one of about 100 posts in my RSS feeds today the caught …

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Something is Happening (not that it’s obvious)

Yes, this is going to be one of those posts which happen from time to time on blogs that aren’t updated in a while.

But… It will not make a feeble attempt to explain away the reasons, or apologize.

Quite …

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