Site Separation Has Begun

It’s been super quiet here for over a year.

Truthfully, this may or may not change.

What has changed is that I’ve started to post again over on my soon-to-be primary Business, Self Development, Web/Tech Design site The flavor of posts will probably be the same, but I’ll be adding more tech/web/computer things into the mix.

Some recent posts which may be of interest:

As for what happens here…  I suspect I’ll be sharing more fun, family and local Reno stuff.  A redesign is in the works.

Thanks for visiting!


About Tim Gary

I live in Reno, NV with my wife Careen, and the ever so talented kitty named Milo. Programmer by trade, web surfer and learner for fun, I have a ton of interests, and you'll hear about each of them in time!
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